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Organizational Awareness Information Meeting on Garlic Cultivation, which we held in Taşköprü, took place in the local press.30.03.2022
We were invited by the Local Action Group and the Taşköprü Garlic Association. Exchanged information was given about the organization and organizational behavior. 29.03.2022
In the training organized by Kastamonu Technology Transfer Office, basic training was given mainly on reading and analyzing financial statements.21.03.2021
We received a certificate of appreciation for our support of secondary school textbooks. We would like to thank the Kastamonu Provincial Deputy Director of National Education for their interest.25.11.2021
Financial Management was Taught to Entrepreneurs in Specialization-Oriented Entrepreneurship and Incubation Program Training. At Kastamonu TEKNOKENT Hall 05.02.2022
Received a appreciation from the Rector of Kastamonu University for our support to Technology Transfer Office 16.07.2021
TUBITAK 2204 Project preparation training was given to Saime İnal Savi Social Sciences High School teachers.30.12.2021
At the invitation of the Darende Primary School Directorate, secondary school students were informed about career planning and being an academician at the university. 29.12.2021
He provided valuable information to our students through the Finance and Banking Student Community. 21.01.2022
Slow Food Kastamonu Local Structure was born in this year.....Preserving, sustaining and promoting the rich natural and agricultural heritage of Kastamonu, the nutritional, tradidions, products, local flavours and culinary culture that have been developed in connection with these and dates back a long time, and their utilization for the benefit of the social and economic development of Kastamonu. To ensure the cleanliness and originality of local agricultural products and to transfer them to future generations are the general objectives of the community.
Organized by the Ministry of Education and taught in high school books in Turkey scheduled for Entrepreneurship has begun to commission studies and for the preparation of course materials. I have been assigned as an editor for the entrepreneurship book.
Cooperative, which aims to show the power of women in local development, also aims to introduce Kastamonu products to local/foreign people through its sales department. Thank you for your hospitality
I am pleased to announce our newest publication named "Quantrade Journal of Complex Systems in Social Sciences" is now published online.Thank you to my friends who contributed to, critiqued, and supported me through the process of this publication. Please visit us at or
Cryptocurrencies are a decentralized payment system that allows payments from any location to any person/organization in the digital universe. As banks and other credit institutions can no longer meet the requirements of the era, the cryptocurrencies which have emerged in response to the conventional system and international financial policies have expanded rapidly to the world financial ecosystem.
Two oral presentations named "Impact of Behavioral Economics on Risk" and "The Role of January Anomaly on Behavioral Finance: An Application in BIST" take place.
"Comparing airlines firms’ value in terms of activity ratios" presentation takes place in Bucharest Romania...
"Econophysics and Financial Entropy" and "Current Approaches to Financing Renewable Energy" Presentations take place...
The fourth ordinary general assembly of our Kastamonu Basketball Sports Club was held on Friday, September 28th.
Pre-interview and pre-analysis procedures were conducted to analyze the needs of Muslim tribes living in Mindanao Island. Mindanao State University hosted several studies in the cities of Dakak, Cagayan and Illigan
Alphan Manas spoke at the Entrepreneurship Panel organized by our University in Kastamonu with the participation of Yilmaz Reductor INc. After the panel, we had the opportunity to talk to him about what can be done in Kastamonu
As of March 2018, Finance and Economics Scientific Square Puzzle Set book has been published from Beta publications. Endless thanks to Mr. Seyhan Satar, the owner of the publisher and the employees. 03/28/2018
M.Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu is president of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey and several presidencies including Vice President of EUROCHAMBRES. Türkiye Odalar ve Borsalar Birliği Başkanı Sayın M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu. In 1881 Inebolu TSO, one of the first district chambers, opened the new building. Inebolu TSO President Mr. Şakir İşeri together with the information about the investments to be made in our district and had the opportunity to express our demands. 30.03.2018
We had meeting at Taskopru Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I would like to thank our President Murat Balcıoğlu and his team for their hospitality ... 15.02.2018
TOEFL exams were started in 2017 by the Foreign Languages ​​Education, Research and Examination Coordinatorship. Our coordinatorship has also been certified by TOEFL iBT® exams for 2018 and 2019 at the Examination Center on the ground floor of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. 12.02.2018
TOEFL Center opened in Kastamonu. University Kastamonu University (KU) Rector. Dr. Seyit Aydin, Mevlüt Beyribey guesthouse at a press conference at the world's most prestigious English language test, which is shown as the TOEFL (Test of English Foreign Language) announced that the Center began to serve in Kastamonu.
Visitors to our province, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB) Chairman Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Vedat Tek Cultural Center 'and Kastamonu Turkey's Economic Future Conference' gave the conference.
Representatives of Kastamonu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KATSO) and Kastamonu Commodity Exchange gathered to discuss the issues that will be transferred to TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, who will come to our city on Monday, October 16th.
I completed the inf Entrepreneurship Training ”course organized to ensure that the convicts remaining at Kastamonu Open Penal Execution Institution participate in production following the execution of their executions. The certificate was distributed to the prisoners who successfully completed the course. Fate prisoners who made their time useful thanks to the course opened were also happy to have a profession.
Intrinsic things are priceless: the love of your life, or a beautiful sunset. There is no objective way to measure these, nor should there be. The worth of monetary transactions is also difficult to measure. While there is a price, wage, or other kind of transaction that can be recorded at a precise price, the worth of the amount must be interpreted. The father of economics, Adam Smith, discussed this very question in one of the most important books in economics, The Wealth of Nations (1776): "The real price of every thing, what every thing really costs to the man who wants to acquire it, is the toil and trouble of acquiring it... But though labour be the real measure of the exchangeable value of all commodities, it is not that by which their value is commonly estimated... Every commodity, besides, is more frequently exchanged for, and thereby compared with, other commodities than with labour."
Amerika'nin son alisveris trendi: Alisveris yapmamak! Hatta eldeki mallardan da kurtulup, hayati sadelestirmek! Kriz sonrasi, çalisanlar, gelirlerinin daha büyük bir bölümünü harcamayip biriktirmeye baslayinca, ABD'li üreticilerin etekleri tutusmus! Su ara yapilan çogu tüketici arastirmalari "Bu adamlar ne satin alirlarsa mutlu olurlar?"la ilgili.
21.03.2015 Kastamonu Üniversitesi (KÜ) İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi (İİBF) İşletme Bölümü Muhasebe ve Finansman Ana Bilim Dalı Öğretim Üyesi Doç. Dr. Tolga Ulusoy, kapitalist ekonomik sistemin insanlığa daha çok acılar yaşatabileceğini belirtti.
Founded under the leadership of Kastamonu Directorate of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock, Siyez Bulgur (Wheat) Commission started efforts to obtain geographical signs from Siyez Wheat.8 September 2017
Applied Entrepreneurship Training was given to disabled individuals in accordance with the project agreement signed with the European Union Coordination Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security 06,062017
8th Wood Fair Consultation Meeting was held in Kastamonu Municipality Meeting Hall under the chairmanship of our Governor Yaşar Karadeniz.4 July 2017