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In the contemporary digital cycle, especially in banking transactions (deposits or withdrawals) such as banks charging commissions during the client transactions, transaction costs, credit card annual fees to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrencies. The structure of this work increases in the usage of cryptocurrencies gradually and particularly as an investment tool and blockchain technology (not connected to a central authority) to build the underlying trust infrastructure of the cryptocurrencies system that is the working principle of the complex system and the effects on the traditional foreign exchange markets.


This research explores significant relationships between the major cryptocurrencies and exchange currency markets on the complex financial market ecosystem, particularly Bitcoin and the most prominent altcoins based and the exchange rate of the Dollar ($), Euro (€) and Pound (£) foreign exchange markets on historical market capitalization data for the between 2016 and 2018. This work describes using the kinetic theory approach and Boltzmann equations, it shows the relationship between cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange markets. The results indicate the interdependence between chaotic markets.

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