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Two Presentations in Belgrade Symposium
Econophysics and Financial Entropy: This paper investigates the relation between Entropy of the market, temperature and energy of stock markets, structural change and the size of the stock market investigations. It is a fact that the investors, in contrast to gas particles, have enough recall ability to modify their behaviors constantly. In this context, it is already unlikely to totally apply gas particle behavior to financial markets. However, it is more sensible to carry out trading possibilities and risk estimation through a prediction of the direction of the existing trend via modern physical theories called the statistical structure of quantum. Entropy is not restricted to natural science but is a function of mathematical and physical statistics. Econophysicists often use the concept of entropy to characterize the idea of uncertainty in Physical, Mathematical approach, economics and finance. As it explained, “entropy is a measure of dispersion, uncertainty, disorder, and diversification used in a dynamic process, in statistics and information theory, and has been increasingly adopted in financial theory”.
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Current Approaches to Financing Renewable Energy: The method used by our ancestors for centuries, a salvation for our world, the people who live in the future, windmills grind grain into flour would be a light of hope for our forefathers who brought water and the future of these methods in the more developed houses, workplaces, and even entire cities could be illuminated that they couldn't even imagine. However, now these energies are renewable energy and energy sources have been one centuries ago, no one even you can't imagine. The probability of extinction of non-human genius, these resources will be increasingly in the hands of many groundbreaking innovations unlimited. In this study, the history of renewable energy, now we have the point where when referring to the future, where could it have come from this, and from the recent studies about renewable energy, fiscal and financial incentives, are mentioned in the world and in our country support program. A new financing term Green Certification is mentioned.
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